Using content marketing to help a business communicate with its customers.




Content Marketing Campaign


After developing a new and innovative financial product for UK SMEs, Tungsten Corporation Plc. approached us to explore ideas to bring it to market.

After several conversations with their executive team, it was evident that Tungsten had several challenges which required a sophisticated approach.

Before putting a specification together, we developed a board level discussion document with a range of suggestions and ideas designed to refine a suite of solutions.

Once commissioned, we delivered a range of workshops that helped shape their offer and develop a set of key messages for their different markets.

We carried out a persona mapping exercise with Tungsten to segment their most important customers. We then extracted information about these customer, understanding their information needs, problems and behaviours.

We worked with their marketing team to develop a set of value propositions unique to each audience.

The second part of this project was to communicate this new offer to the audience using content marketing.

We developed a corporate blog and authored articles that aligned to the different phases of the buyer journey; awareness, validation and purchase.

Each article was published sequentially and emailed to the audience over a three-month period.

In order to track the response, we installed advanced customer analytics which monitored individual human behaviour.


We developed a blue print for lead-to-revenue marketing, designing a pipeline that allowed the marketing team to project future revenues.

Our advanced analytics meant Tungsten’s sales team could be much more efficient, focusing their efforts on converting warm qualified prospects.