Using happy memories to recruit foster carers.


Trafford Council


Foster Care Fortnight


In the context of increased competition from private providers, Trafford Council approached us to help them increase the amount of inbound enquires from potential foster carers. 

We were originally approached to create out-of-home campaign assets. Once we had the opportunity to dig a little deeper, we worked with our client to develop a much more robust and exciting campaign proposition.

To support our approach, we carried out a literature review into the motivations for fostering. We also spent time reviewing what audiences were searching for, and how they behaved, online.

We developed an emotionally engaging proposition that used original photography of real foster carers from key moments in their own childhoods. This was designed to prompt potential foster carers to recall happy memories from their own childhoods and act on them.


Our robust proposition gave our client confidence to evolve the scope to a fully integrated advertising campaign that aligned to the fostering journey.


The client was overwhelmed by the response to the campaign, which has been their most successful to date. As a result, we have continued to provide digital support to generate even more enquiries for the fostering team, creating genuine ROI.

Our campaign focused on the recruitment of specialist foster carers who are required to meet a certain criteria. This is a traditionally hard to reach group. Over a four week period we received 39 enquiries, which is significantly more than through any previous campaign. Although it is relatively early to evaluate the campaign, we have already booked three initial visits for households interested in our general fostering scheme, and one household has booked onto our training and is interested in becoming a specialist foster carer.

Eleven took the time to gain a full understanding of the message we aim to deliver to people interested in fostering and, to date, the interest shown has led to quality enquiries.

Fostering Recruitment Officer, Trafford Council