Increasing customer survey response rates from 1.78% to 26.3%


Residential Management Group


Customer Satisfaction Survey


After a series of attempts to generate customer feedback survey completions, Residential Management Group (RMG) approached us to help them drive more engagement from their large customer base and improve the conversion process.

Firstly, we spent time reviewing RMG's data and processes so we could determine what worked well for them and where we felt that their efforts could be improved.

We put a very clear framework in place to optimise and test a series of customer communications intended to drive survey completions.

We refined the entire process, reducing the amount of steps required for customers to have their say - making it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We reviewed their 10,000+ customer base to develop a series of split tests that would help us produce the best ROI from this project.

We determined three small audience cohorts on which to do the testing. Tests included variants on tone of voice, style, colour, images, layout and personalisation which led to over 1,000 iterations, each providing valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Our research findings suggested we adopt a touch first approach to emails and surveys. Not just because of increased mobile usage amongst the audience, but because large icons and images generate much more engagement than text and tick boxes.

Throughout the testing, we generated an unprecedented amount of insight about what techniques work for RMGs specific audience.

At the end of the project, we provided them with a summary of the best practice approaches to influence their customer communications strategy going forward.

We also improved survey completion rates from 1.78% to 26.3%. This was a monumental improvement on their previous efforts.