Changing health and safety behaviour using an emotional appeal.


Network Rail


Sentinel Film


Network Rail typically uses instructional and informational videos for internal communications campaigns. However, the goal of this project was to change the behaviour of their frontline workers, by increasing awareness and advocacy of the Sentinel Smartcard System. This required a different approach.

We persuaded the client to create a short emotive film instead of the traditional instructional video.


We initially submitted two scripts for review, both with different propositions; one which placed the individual at the core of the message, and the other that focused on the impact of a fatality on family members.

Once a route was chosen, we mobilised our project team to develop a full storyboard, project plan and post production schedule to bring this story to life.

Time and budget constraints were a key factor in this project, so we developed a filming schedule that could be completed in a single location, on a single day. This ensured the project could be completed on time and on budget.

To provide additional value for the client, we created a 15-second ident that could be used in presentations and safety briefings.

"The feedback I’ve had from everybody has been fantastic… [the film] made the hairs on my arms stand up."

Communications Manager, Sentinel Programme – Network Rail