Using infographics to communicate an environmental win.


Network Rail


Recycling Initiative Infographic


After Network Rail successfully piloted a scheme to recycle waste coffee grounds into energy, we were commissioned to create an infographic to showcase the benefits of this ground breaking recycling initiative to passengers at London’s busiest train stations.

Rather than simply communicate a corporate environmental story, we decided to create an infographic that placed much more focus on passengers.


We carried out a persona mapping exercise that extracted information about the target audience and their interests.  We did this to make sure the story resonated with the target audience.  In this case, London passengers.

We created a suite of passenger relevant graphics to communicate the story. Together they would help deliver this positive message.

1156_Coffee Infographic_Screen EXT_MOCK UP-min1156_Coffee Infographic_Screen EXT_MOCK UP-min

We developed a journey that the audience would find relevant and interesting and that would effectively link the recycling initiative to passengers daily commutes.


To add more value into the project, we created the infographic so that each part of the story would form an independent graphic that could be shared on social media.

A full range of online and offline formats were supplied so the infographic could be used seamlessly across multiple channels.

The infographic was used with a press release that gained placements in leading industry publications.