Helping a university refine and better communicate their offer to businesses.


Lancaster University


Business Services Brochure


The business customers of The Faculty of Science and Technology at Lancaster University often stated it was difficult to access the University's business services.  They were specifically confused about what services were relevant to them. 

The Faculty's Business Partnerships Team knew the services they provided were valuable. However, they felt the external messaging for their offer was overly complex and not fit for the audience.

Our team held an internal workshop to fully immerse ourselves in the problem and scope out what the potential solution could be.

Our early findings clearly identified the need to reposition the University's offer. So we spent time auditing their current market position, the services they provide and reviewing any existing content we could re-purpose to support this.

Firstly, we refined and re-packaged their offer so it was more relevant to the audience. We developed five problem-based themes that their services provide solutions for. This meant customers could easily identify the value of the service for them, enabling them to access the service at the appropriate entry point.

Secondly, we evidenced the University's credibility by showcasing five flagship case studies that aligned to the service themes. We redrafted the client's existing content - highlighting the information that would resonate most with their customers. This approach was much more impactful as customers could see the direct benefits of partnering with the University.

“The team and I are so very pleased with the work you've done. We feel our messages are so much simpler and easy to understand, but we've not lost any of our credibility. Once again thank you to you and the team for your hard work. The brochure also looks great.”

Marketing Manager
Business Partnerships & Enterprise