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Delivering a quick and comprehensive internal email campaign can be difficult with limited expertise, budgets and timeframes.

By outsourcing the design and delivery of the email campaign, the Network Rail Property Team could reduce the risk of error, capitalise on economies of scale and focus on their day jobs.

1080 Buxton Sidings Pop Up Banner_2560x1500-min1080 Buxton Sidings Pop Up Banner_2560x1500-min

The Network Rail Property Team knew they wanted to communicate the launch of a new document workspace service via email and posters. But they didn’t know whether Outlook had the functionality they needed to send the emails to 400+ staff.

The campaign also needed an identity, so the poster and emails had to look consistent. The issue is that Outlook doesn’t handle HTML or images very well. This makes it difficult to develop emails that have visual impact.

Using HTML files in Outlook can be unpredictable, which means there was a risk in getting the campaign wrong.


Using specialist email software and an agency who knows how to use it made the campaign run much smoother with less risk.


We demonstrated that using specialist email software meant emails would have more visual impact and allow for the consistency needed in the campaign.

Because we were designing the emails and the poster, we used the efficiencies it brings which meant the actual delivery of emails formed part of the total project cost.

By allowing us to deliver the emails on their behalf, the communications team didn’t need to spend time on sending the emails or run the risk of a poor audience experience.

80% average read rate for all three emails.

Communication of key milestones and service benefits.

Saved an estimated 20 hours of staff time.

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