Using infographics to communicate an environmental win.


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Recycling Iniative Infographic


We created a passenger facing infographic that showcased the benefits of a ground breaking recycling initiative in London’s largest stations.

Rather than simply communicate a corporate environmental story, we decided to create an infographic that placed much more focus on passengers.


We carried out a persona mapping exercise that extracted information about the target audience and their interests.

We did this to make sure the story resonated with the target audience.

In this case, London passengers.

We created a suite of passenger relevant graphics to communicate the story. Together they would help deliver this positive message.

1156_Coffee Infographic_Screen EXT_MOCK UP-min1156_Coffee Infographic_Screen EXT_MOCK UP-min

We developed a journey that the audience would find relevant and interesting and that could effectively link the initiative to passengers.



We demonstrated that using specialist email software meant emails would have more visual impact and allow for the consistency needed in the campaign.

Because we were designing the emails and the poster, we used the efficiencies it brings which meant the actual delivery of emails formed part of the total project cost.

By allowing us to deliver the emails on their behalf, the communications team didn’t need to spend time on sending the emails or run the risk of a poor audience experience.

80% average read rate for all three emails.

Communication of key milestones and service benefits.

Saved an estimated 20 hours of staff time.

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